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Mindset Tips for Traders: 7 Ways to Help Your Trading Be More Consistent

Author: Tradeguider Team on Jan 11, 2021 7:22:15 PM

Real-life trading, Trading strategy, Trader Health, Trading mindset

Being a successful trader used to be about brawn and aggression. But now that it’s all about controlled and considered mouse clicks, your trading strategy needs to include trading psychology tips that help prevent reflex actions and promote conscious preparation.  Read on for ways to control unhelpful impulses and stay in the profit zone.

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Trading in the time of Corona: 2020, A review

Author: Tradeguider Team on Dec 23, 2020 5:24:47 PM

Real-life trading, Wyckoff VSA, Trading strategy, FOREX

We’ve all heard the clichéd commentaries about 2020.  But how has the Year of Covid-19 played out for people trading the financial markets?

Read on for our take on the markets and an update on what Tradeguider has been doing this year.

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How to Relieve the Strain of Chart Analysis with Trade Alerts

Author: Tradeguider Team on Nov 27, 2020 3:06:09 PM

Real-life trading, SMART technology, Automation in trading

One of the occupational hazards of being a trader is the risk of missing trading opportunities that happen on one chart because we are looking at another.

There is a limit to how many charts a person can monitor at any one time. It’s a visual and mental strain to keep tabs on multiple charts for multiple investments.

Read on to find out how automated trade alerts can help you be a more profitable trader.

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How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Trading that Beginners Make

Author: Tradeguider Team on Nov 12, 2020 5:37:49 PM

VSA volume spread analysis, Real-life trading, Market Manipulation, Wyckoff VSA, SMART technology, Trading strategy, Smart money, Rules-based trading strategies

The new trader that finds Wyckoff Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) early on is lucky. Working with the real force behind market movements will save years of unknowingly being manipulated by the market makers.

But they still need to be aware of the common trading mistakes that lie like traps on their path to success. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so read on for some tools to add to your tool box for trading success.

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Politics and Trading the Markets

Author: Tradeguider Team on Oct 23, 2020 6:34:20 PM

Insider, Real-life trading, Wyckoff VSA, Trading strategy, FOREX

Ever wish you had a political insider to tell you how to utilize the twists and turns of politics to your advantage?

While there are articles that try to predict how the election will impact gold or the US dollar, a more useful exercise is to learn some skills that help you react to political news and the charts to your benefit.

In a special for Tradeguider, former UK politician Roger Evans explains some ways to make this happen.

Roger has trading experience and was also Deputy Mayor of London, working with current UK prime minister Boris Johnson. In 2016 he shifted to coaching politicians and business leaders on governance and public speaking.

Read on for some insider tips on how to make the most of political developments from this uniquely placed guest contributor.

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How to Choose a FOREX Broker: 5 Things to Consider

Author: Ricardo Evangelista on Jun 4, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Real-life trading, Trading strategy, FOREX, choosing a broker

Whether you’ve decided to enter the FOREX market because you’re attracted by its size and always-on nature, or because the concept of currency exchange particularly resonates with you, an initial search online will yield a bewildering array of brokerages. This piece by guest writer Ricardo Evangelista, Desk Manager and Senior Analyst at CFD broker ActivTrades, explains how to choose a FOREX broker.

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The 10 Fundamentals of Choosing a Broker

Author: Jim Cagnina on Jun 4, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Real-life trading, Trading strategy, choosing a broker

The process of choosing a broker can be more challenging than you think. There are a lot of choices out there, and many have outstanding adverts boasting their greatness. But it's best to do a little research and ask some fundamental questions, as this blog by our guest writer Jim Cagnina, Executive Senior Vice President of Infinity Futures, explains.

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When to Make the Leap from Demo Trading to Real-Life Trading

Author: Tradeguider Team on Apr 3, 2020 5:00:00 PM

Real-life trading

Are you itching to dive into live trading after cutting your teeth on your demo account? Hold your horses. It’s very different when you’re playing with real money. Trust us. Take a look at our tips for beginner traders looking to make the move from demo trading to real-life trading.

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